Europan 2013 – Invirogating Ås

How a block in Ås center can function as an urban arena.

TYPE: PLANNING, EUROPAN COMPETITION | SITE: ÅS, NORWAY |YEAR: 2013 | STATUS: UNREALIZED | TEAM: Erling Ekerholt Sæveraas, Håkon Berger, Magnus Berg Jørgensen, Olav Resell, Magnus Drogseth

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Europan: "With strong national and regional constraints to localize population growth to centers around train stations in order to strengthen public transport, Ås is standing on the cusp of great change. The small and sleepy village faces a turning point of challenges and possibilities. Among the municipalities in the region, the forecasted population growth in Ås is among the highest, with a doubling from approximately 18 000 inhabitants in 2013 to approximately 38 000 inhabitants in 2040. Local politicians, planners, developers and the university have joined forces in the Europan competition to see how they can utilize a central plot to take Ås further.

The Europan competition in Ås calls for a strategic programming of a central site, showing how a block in Ås center can function as an urban arena including a new institution for a local artist, student housing, public space and the introduction of university life into the town center.

In the Rådhus atrium square Odd Tandbergs sculpture “Livskraft” is
placed. We think “Livskraft” gives a good point of departure for the
future development of Ås. The development has to be distinctive and
ad new qualities to the city, but at the same it has to take its force from
the existing qualities in Ås creating an identity as a university city with:
- Short distances between housing and other functions.
- Exceptional good possibilities to travel by foot, bike or bus.
- Variety of offers: Grocery store, culture, library, shopping, cinema,
Tandberg, bars, offices, university.
- Public spaces accessible for everyone at any time
- Students that never sleep because their either studying or partying
- Cows grazing in the city center
- A population where most people have a doctor or master degree
- Where research conferences eat great local food in the village center
- Many students live in the city center
- The building mass is sustainable with low use of energy
- Production of food increases and gets displayed
- People grow their own food

Europan 2013 – Invirogating Ås